Our members use their galleries and exhibition spaces to share their collections and scientific knowledge with the general public via permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Most of our members exhibit valuable parts of their collections in permanent galleries, exhibitions spaces or as part of living collections. Temporary exhibitions, focusing on specific themes or topics based on scientific research, are a regular feature in many of our member institutions. Both permanent and temporary exhibitions emphasize current topics or issues of special relevance for research, scientific development and society in general. In their drive to share information with other institutions and cooperate in the exchange of biodiversity knowledge, specimens are loaned between insitutions for exhbitions and exhibitions are also loaned between institutions or are developed collaboratively.

These types of activities play a vital role in communicating research results and scientific knowledge to the general public, making nature more approachable, and raising awareness of current environmental issues.

Search CETAF members' permanent & temporary exhibitions

In the Institutional Profiles, our members have listed their permanent and temporary exhibitions. You can search for specific collections via our search engine