Monday, 19 November, 2018


Two of our currently running projects have exciting opportunities for participation for partners and researchers!

In ICEDIG, our project partners seek for novel ways to speed up digitisation. Pinned insects are a particular challenge, as they are essentially 3-dimensional objects, considering the fact that also their associated labels need to be digitised. The project has scoped six experiments that could possibly lead to innovations in speeding up insect digitization. These are described in the below document MS11. The project now seeks subcontractors to build prototypes of these and other potential approaches.

Deadline for proposals is 30 November 2018. Click here to find the underlying milestone as well as the full call for proposals.

In the COST Action MOBILISE, the first call for the short term scientific missions has been opened. The scope of the project is to build up a cooperative, inclusive, bottom-up and responsive network with active involvement of European stakeholders to support research for biodiversity informatics. The aim of the current call is to allow grant recipients to visit institutions from where they can draw such experience and bring it back to their institutions and their collections. It targets specifically - but not exclusively! - early carrer researchers, collection and data managers, collection curators and stewards from smaller institutions and institutions in countries that do not have extensive facilities and well-developed policies for data mobilisation, digitisation of biodiversity collections, data practices and curation.

We invite you to benefit from this open call and put your applications in for visiting facilities across Europe to enhance scientific and technical capacity around Digital Collectiosn of natural history.

The full call can be downloaded here

Practical Information 

Submission requirements

  • CV
  • Letter of motivation and plan of work
  • Agreed arrangement with hosting organisation

Deadline for submission: 15 December 2018

Period in which the visit must take place: 1 Feb 2019 to 15 April 2019

Notification of application outcomes: 7 January 2019