Tuesday, 7 March, 2017


As one of 27 stakeholders, CETAF is participating in the Consultation Forum on Access and Benefit-Sharing at the European Commission. Ana Casino from the CETAF General Secretariat and Chris Lyal from the Legislation and Regulation Working Group represent the CETAF community in this forum. The aim of this platform is to have a thorough exchange of information between interested parties, representatives of Member States and the European Commission, with regard to the implementation of the EU ABS Regulation and its implementation regulation in the various Member States and affected sectors.

The consultation is designed to channel information to and from the Directorate-General for Environment of the European Commission, with the aim of facilitating coordination and cooperation among the various stakeholders. Representing the European Commission are Ms. Alicja Kozlowska (Policy Officer) and Mr. Matthias Leonhard Maier (Policy Officer – Access and Benefit Sharing under the Nagoya Protocol and Ocean Governance).